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December  7, 2021 4 pm HST / 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST

"From Justice to Peace and Love:
A Lawyers Transformational NDE."

Hila Baruch

founder of iands israel  


 DECEMBER 7, 4:00 pm HST

(6:00 pm PST / 9:00 pm EST)

Founder IANDS Israel, Social Services Attorney

Have you ever had the thought and/or feeling you're more than who you currently know yourself to be?
Hila Baruch's story speaks to this very deep contemplation of self.


Hila’s experience of eternity reveals how to perceive the spiritual world and life on this planet with new eyes.
Join us on Dec 7th to learn to exercise the muscles of your spiritual nature using your soul's essence.

In 2014, Hila Baruch bled out following a “normal” surgery and had a near-death experience that changed her world. Having worked for years in Israel as a courtroom attorney, her NDE left her with the knowledge that she is not who she thought she was and that she could no longer continue her work as before — realizations that were challenging at first but led ultimately to a real sense of freedom.

Realizing the Nature of the Divine

In her experience, Hila experienced oneness with the physical and spiritual world. Without effort, the divine spoke through her as a conduit of the true intent of words. Hila will share her changed perception of God and the sacred. The religious constructs that she was taught were instantly transformed into a profound understanding based on love and the DNA of our soul.

Healing Conflict Heart-to-Heart

She will share what she has learned about our connectivity as souls on this beautiful planet and how we can use love to heal even the deepest wounds of separation, whether that be between nations or between individuals. Hila learned ways to refocus conflicts from the perspective of justice to a perspective of peace.


Awakening to Our Purpose

Hila will take us on her soul journey where she reconnected to a deep knowing of our interconnectedness, rather than our seeming separateness on earth. Her life review showed her the true meaning of her most difficult life experiences. She will share what she learned about life, death, and suffering during her moment of oneness with the divine.

We hope you can join us for this transformative experience!


About Hila Baruch

Hila could no longer continue her work as a courtroom attorney after her near-death experience. Her heart turned from establishing justice based on human beliefs and opinions to the peace and love that exists beyond the veil. While coming to terms with her NDE, Hila discovered that Israel lacked sources of support for NDE’rs and felt called to create a local IANDS group in Israel to connect with other experiencers, raise public awareness, and provide support for those struggling with the aftereffects of similar episodes. “It’s very natural to get out of the body,” she says, “but getting back to it is another story…

For more about Hila Baruch and IANDS Israel


מעורי לאורי Hila Baruch


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 December 7th 2021, 4:00 pm HST

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January 5 - Rev. Bill McDonald

Rev. Bill McDonald is on a mission, teaching the power of love & forgiveness. Rev. Bill’s life has been a spiritual journey, spanning slightly over seven decades. His whole life has been a mystical trip in search of gurus, the paranormal, and self-discovery. He has written about his many spiritually transforming experiences and “near-death-experiences” including supernatural events during his combat tour of duty in the Vietnam War.

In his books he has shared some incredible spiritual events that are beyond both common understanding or explanation. His autobiography “Warrior A Spiritual Odyssey” takes us on a life quest for love, understanding, forgiveness and enlightenment. His follow-up book “Alchemy of a Warrior’s Heart “continues that mystical journey including four trips to India for even more profound experiences with holy men, miracles and his personal relationship with the Divine.  What he knows for sure after all these years is that the only thing that is truly real is LOVE.  www.revbillmcdonald.com

February 2 - Barbara Bartolome

Barbara founded the IANDS Santa Barbara group in August 2011, and their meetings and events routinely draw between 80-120 attendees each month. Barbara states that NDEs are opening up the world to the reality of non-local consciousness. She’s thrilled to be helping people learn that death is just a transition back “home” and that we all are here to be kind, tolove others, and to learn from and cherish all aspects of our life adventures while we’re here!

Barbara and her NDE have been featured on the NBC Today Show, in articles in U.S. News and World Report and The Sun (U.K.), as well as in various other podcasts, TV, radio, print articles, and documentaries. She is featured in a film documentary by French Filmmaker, Anthony Chene, which has currently garnered more than 650 thousand views.   Barbara@IANDSSB.com        www.IANDSSB.com

March 2 - Chris Batts, Author, NDE-er

A para educator and para translator for special education children in Southern California. He has spoken about his near death experience at the IANDS International Conference. He brings awareness and healing to common societal issues, including child abuse and addiction.

After being tossed in a dumpster by his mother at six months old, Chris grew up in foster homes, had trouble at school, and experienced repeated rejections. For years, he contemplated suicide. Finally, after receiving a heartbreaking call from his mother, he jumped out of a car, hit his head on the pavement, and died. He traveled to another realm where he met God and two guardian angels who continue to support and teach Chris about the meaning and experience of life. His memoir, “Boom!: The Life and Times of a Suicide Near Death Experiencer” is the true story of how he tried to kill himself only to learn that his near death experience (NDE) was the best thing that ever happened to him.     nobadvibes88@gmail.com

April 6 - Tricia Barker

Tricia Barker experienced a profound near-death experience during her senior year of college, and this experience guided her to teach overseas, in public schools, and at the college level. Her near-death experience story has been featured on I Survived: Beyond and Back, Season 1, Life to Afterlife: Death and Back, National Geographic Magazine, Simple Grace Magazine, Women’s World Magazine, Coast to Coast AM, and The Doctor Oz Show.

Tricia’s memoir, “Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation” tells a story of her near-death experience, teaching mission, and eventual triumph over trauma. The book also focuses on the importance being of service to the world. There is a screenplay in the works for her story. www.triciabarkernde.com

May 4 - Pamala Oslie

Pamala Oslie is an author, consultant, speaker, lecturer, and professional psychic. Since 1983, she has traveled extensively throughout the United States presenting seminars and conducting workshops about the emerging human potential, psychic abilities, auras, and the power of our beliefs to create our reality. Pamala has been a popular guest on nearly one hundred television and radio shows, including national radio shows such as Powernomics Radio Network, Talk America Network, and Wisdom Radio. She's been featured on many major television programs such as AM Northwest in Portland, Morning Exchange in Cleveland, and Good Morning Houston. She has also been a featured speaker at international conferences and conventions including the International Forum on New Science and the Women's Convention in Wichita, Kansas, and for Fortune 500 companies.

Pam is the Founder of AuraColors.com and has also developed LoveColors.com, which is designed to help you find love and friendships by matching you with people who have compatible aura colors. www.auracolors.com

June 1 - Mary Catherine Volk

Mary Catherine Volk is a best-selling author, spiritual advisor and speaker. She serves as an ambassador between the worlds as she relays messages of healing and love from those in spirit to their loved ones here on the earth. Mary has bridged the gap between the world of the living and the spirit world her whole life.. Mary was given the gift of knowing that life exists beyond this physical form at a young age. She experienced a near death experience while in a coma at agesix. Since then she has been able to feel, hear and receive messages from her loved ones in spirit.

Thirty years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, space clearing, Reiki, dowsing and Feng Shui has lead Mary to develop a specialized modality of releasing emotional energy from present day and past events. She has studied with internationally known shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada and spiritual medium James Van Praagh. www.marycatherinevolk.com

July 6 - Beth & Rick Olsen

In 1999, Rick and Beth Olsen experienced a tragedy that no parent should ever have to go through: the passing of their two children, Jessica and Joshua, in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Almost 18 years later, Rick and Beth share what they learned during their painful journey in order to help those who have experienced a similar tragedy. The Olsens prove that it is not only possible to survive such a devastating blow but to eventually thrive. Rick and Beth have come to realize that the passing of their two children was meant to happen. It allowed them to step into their destiny of helping others. They have written a book, “We Never Left You” which talks about their journey in the first year after the death of their children and the

signs they received from their children letting them know that they lived on.  www.weneverleftyou.com

August 3 - Peter Panagore

Reverend Peter Panagore, M.Div (Yale) has had two near-death experiences, the first while ice climbing in 1980 and the second in 2015 due to a heart attack. He recounts these in his books, “Heaven Is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just the Beginning,” and “Two Minutes for God: Quick Fixes for the Spirit,” He has shared his stories for 15 years on a daily TV show reaching 30 million viewers annually in Maine and New Hampshire. Previously, he served as a United Church of Christ minister and pastor in Maine and Connecticut. He published 150 sermons and many prayers in Homiletics, a leading clergy journal. He now runs a global spiritual counseling service for “closet mystics” and travels nationally as a public and

inspirational speaker and teacher. He has been practicing Zazen/Centering Prayer and Kundalini/Kriya Yoga for forty years.   www.peterpanagore.love

September 7 - Peter Wright, CPLT, CHT, LBLT

Peter Wright is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Santa Barbara, CA with 25 years of experience. He is also one of only 40 Board Certified Past-Life Regression Therapists in the nation. In addition, Peter is certified as a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist as well as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. In addition, he is skilled in Spirit Releasement Therapy. In his practice, Peter helps clients connect with their Higher Self – that part that knows everything about you and your Soul’s Journey. He then asks your Higher Self to take you back to the source of the issues you’re seeking to resolve – whether the cause is from this life or a past life. The result? By working together with your Higher Self, Peter can help you let go of anxiety, depression, fear, grief, sadness, anger, health or relationship issues – often during one two-hour Hypnotherapy session – either in person or by phone, Zoom or Skype.

Peter has helped more than 1,900 clients through Hypnotherapy. He offers free 30-minute consultations to prospective clients. www.insightsfromwithin.com

October 5 - Sarina Baptista

Sarina Baptista is an Award-Winning Author, International Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, and Psychic Medium. Her latest book, My View from Heaven, is a 2019 COVR Visionary Awards Bronze Recipient in the Iconic Book category. She was a featured speaker for the “Life, Death and Beyond” International Conference in Crete, Greece, and is the resident psychic for iHeart Media’s Big 97.9FM in Northern Colorado. She teaches classes and is a visiting medium at Lily Dale, NY, during their summer program, and has created mediumship training programs, including mentoring, long-distance training, workshops, and webinars. Sarina discovered her gifts through her own tragedy – the passing of her seven-year-old son in March 2007. She learned that her son did not really die. He was still very close, and he led her to her incredible mediumship gifts. It is Sarina’s mission is to help you find purpose and connection to your highest Divine Self, create the bridge for conversation with loved ones who have passed, and mentor psychics and mediums to be master messengers. www.sarinabaptista.com

November 2 - Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

Mark Pitstick, has over forty-seven years’ experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and private practice. His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology/pastoral counseling studies, master's in clinical psychology, and doctorate in chiropractic health care. He also has provided suicide prevention counseling and education to many people. Mark is certified in Past Life Regression therapy by Brian Weiss MD and the Facilitated After-Death Contact technique by Raymond Moody Ph.D., MD. Pitstick has given many nationwide workshops on spiritual awareness and holistic wellness at churches, expos, retreats, and conferences.

He directs the SoulPhone Foundation that supports postmaterial communication technology research of Dr. Schwartz and his team at the University of Arizona. Mark assists research on the SoulPhone Project and founded Greater Reality Living groups that meet online and around the world.   www.SoulProof.com


December 7 - Hila Baruch, IANDS Israel


Have you ever had the thought and/or feeling you're more than who you currently know yourself to be? Hila Barauch's story speaks to this very deep contemplation of self.

In 2014, Hila Baruch had a "bleed out" following a “normal” surgery and had a near-death experience that changed her world. Having worked for years in Israel as a courtroom attorney, her experience left her with the knowledge that she is not whom she thought she was and that she could no longer continue her work as before — realizations that were challenging at first but led ultimately to a real sense of freedom. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

While coming to terms with her NDE, Hila discovered that Israel lacked sources of support for NDE'rs and felt called to create a local IANDS chapter to connect with other experiencers, raise public awareness, and provide support for those struggling with the aftereffects of similar episodes. “It’s very natural to get out of the body,” she says, “but getting back to it is another story… ”


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