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Being empathic: Mastering the flow of your energy to find peace!
rachelle Gehman

july 2, 2024
3 pm HST / 6 pm PdT / 9 pm EdT
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In 1994 Rachelle Gehman had a Near-Death Experience that she denied and had forgotten for almost 30 years until she met others who had similar experiences. Meeting other experiencers helped bring long-buried memories and feelings to the forefront. Through regression, she realized that this Near-Death Experience made a profound impact in redirecting her life. The life trauma she was experiencing at the time of her Near-Death Experience helped her realize that trauma can be healed through working with spirit, and this became her life’s work to serve humanity with her gift of mediumship. 


Join us Tuesday, July 2nd, as we welcome Rachelle Gehman, the author of The Heartfelt Medium, Guide to Developing Your Gifts Naturally, who will discuss “Being Empathic: Mastering the Flow of Your Energy to Find Peace.” This will be an in-depth discussion on understanding your energy signature and practical techniques to master your energy and being the light, you were meant to be in this world.


She will discuss Energy, Frequency, and Vibration, and how it relates to your thoughts and emotions. She will discuss how human beings match the collective consciousness naturally, and how you can make a difference in directing your energy outward versus absorbing energy from others. She will discuss the spiral pillar of light, the auric field and how it connects to the chakra system (energy centers of the body), and how to manage and direct your emotional energy. The goal is to teach you to become the observer and re-direct other people’s energy to maintain your wholeness. Rachelle aims to help you learn your own energic frequency, through exercises and meditation techniques that help you learn your energy signature. She will provide exercises that will help you run energy and learn your energy signature to prevent absorbing others' thoughts and emotions. She will also provide techniques to release energy that doesn’t belong to you.


Rachelle continues to teach classes on the mechanics of mediumship, as well as advanced mediumship. She regularly provides readings and has a free weekly mediumship development circle to practice psychic and mediumship reads for all who want to participate in the circle. Rachelle is also the host of The Heartfelt Medium Podcast


Before moving fully into her gift of mediumship, Rachelle spent over 30 years as a professional in the business world giving her a deep understanding of the challenges faced by professionals in today's business climate. Rachelle works with business clients to effect change by guiding business professionals to grow spiritually, positively impacting their daily lives as well as their business ventures.


Through honesty, integrity, and unconditional love, Rachelle hopes to augment everyone’s path toward healing and finding peace and true inner joy.


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July 2, 2024

 3 PM HST / 6 Pm PDT / 9 pm EDT

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August 6, 2024 - Sheila Seppi
Walking Into 3d with Sheila Seppi

Sheila Seppi is a soul exchange walk-in. She entered into the body of a 38-year-old mother with three children and was immediately healed from documented illnesses and took on a new personality with spiritual gifts and memories she didn’t even believe in. Her life was transformed, and she has never been the same.


She is an author of “Walk-Ins Cosmology of the Soul,” an international speaker, multidimensional life coach, a holographic grid alchemist, a regression therapist, a light language and shamanic practitioner, and a spiritual teacher. She works the higher dimensional frequencies to empower others to embrace their own multidimensional aspects

through a variety of services.


Sheila is the Founder of The Galactic Alliance and most recently Conscious Awakening Network where she has a recurring series Cosmic Conversations with Sheila Seppi.

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IANDS is the International Association of Near-Death Studies. 


IANDS Groups offer education and discussion of near-death and related experiences to the general public in a supportive, accessible setting. 


IANDS Groups allow freedom of interpretation of NDEs and similar experiences and do not promote any dogma or proselytize any single point of view.


IANDS Affiliated Groups serve near-death experiencers by providing understanding and information. They provide support to NDErs, not therapy. 


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