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Surprises from Children's Near-Death Experiences and Their Lifelong Impact!

Dr. pmh atwater l.h.d.

august 1, 2023
3pm HST / 6pm PdT / 9pm EdT


Dr. pmh Atwater l.h.d.

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) estimates that nearly 85 percent of children who undergo cardiac arrest have a Near-Death Experience (NDE). A rate more than twice as high as that for adults—thousands every year. The experiences are not limited by age. There are even reports of infant NDEs, recounted once the child is old enough to articulate their experience. With medical advances, more children on the edge of death are being saved. And stories of their experiences are becoming more common and accepted.


The intensity of what children NDErs experience is much greater than what would be considered "normal" at their age. And their experiences generally grow in importance as they get older—whereas it would be natural to expect childhood memories to fade over time. Ninety-five percent of NDE children say the experience was definitely real, meaning not a dream or hallucination. Compared to those of adults, child NDEs “tend to be more concrete and less complex” according to IANDS and there may not be features we typically associate with an NDE, such as a life review. Children are, however, more likely to see deceased loved ones and pets—even relatives they’ve never met.


Join us on August 1, as we welcome Dr. PMH Atwater L.H.D. who will speak about childhood NDEs and her book, The Forever Angels: Near-Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong Impact.


The research in this book, two studies, covers 397 child experiencers between birth and age 5 (some up to 7) and took over 20 years to write. It seeks to answer what changes occur when the “power punch” of a Near-Death Experience happens to the very young – their brain/mind assembly, nervous and digestive systems, skin sensitivity, and the flow of consciousness itself. Why do most remember “the other side” as a flowing stream of consciousness, the coming and goings of spirit beyond form? Also followed is why most child experiencers do not bond with parents – seeming to remain connected to “the other side.” And they are often considered psychic/intuitive or empathic. Most become highly successful in life while at the same time harboring thoughts of suicide – wishing to get back to their ”real home.” This is so prevalent, regardless of age, that I devoted an entire chapter in the book to “PTSDs and NDEs.” Most could remember their birth, one-third remembered being in the womb, and two remembered their conception. One, many years later, drew a picture of what she remembered and gave it to her parents. To say they were embarrassed at the drawing’s accuracy would be an understatement!


In addition to this talk will be a short story about Ari Hallmark, who was caught in an EF-5 tornado on April 27, 2011, in Alabama, losing her entire family, only to be “spit” out by the tornado and flung aside. Her vivid memory of heaven is “heart-stopping.” The book about her experience is called THE GIRL WHO SAW HEAVEN: A FATEFUL TORNADO AND A JOURNEY OF FAITH. "I knew about Ari soon after this occurred," told Bill Guggenheim about the situation. He later contacted those trying to help her and became a lifelong friend. He passed away soon after her book came out. I’ll “carry the baton” about her story whenever I can. (Hear that, Bill?!)


Dr. PMH Atwater, L.H.D., is an international authority on near-death states and the author of nineteen books. Her writings have appeared in numerous magazines and newsletters and some of her research has been validated in clinical settings. PMH has been mentioned in the Lancet Medical Journal, been given numerous citations, appeared on a variety of radio and television shows, and spoken at the United Nations. She donated the copyright of her book, The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, to the International Association of Near-Death Studies so it could be used as an encyclopedia of the phenomena (with all monies going to IANDS for their work in the field). To date, her research covers nearly five thousand adult and child experiencers. PMH publishes a free monthly newsletter—for the curious—and a blog for questions about near-death experiences and related matters.


PMH's website


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August 1, 2023

 3 PM HST / 6 pm PDT / 9 pm EDT

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