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"she was sent back
with a message

rev. dr. norma edwards 

 nder - SPEAKER - author - mentor

February 7, 2023
4pm HST / 6pm PST / 9pm EST

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rev. dr. norma edwards 

 nder - SPEAKER - author - mentor

“I am Norma, I did not know the power inherent in those three little words.”


In 1966 a medical emergency in a London hospital took Rev. Dr. Norma Edwards through a Near Death Experience. Moving swiftly from darkness into the brilliant Light, she met deceased loved ones and reviewed several of her past lives with a sense of "knowingness" at the Akashic Records.


Norma was sent back to this dimension with a message and a fully loaded stream of heightened senses. A strong desire to understand her experience and incorporate the lessons from the Akashic Records set her on a path to Practical Spirituality resulting in a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.


Please join Hawaiian IANDS on Tuesday, February 7, as we welcome Rev. Dr. Norma Edwards who will share about her Near-Death Experience and multiple Spiritually Transformative Experiences. Norma will talk about the Akashic Records, past life experiences, and how these affect her current life experience. While sharing the feelings of hope that are released into the world by NDEs, Norma will examine the real possibility of awakening to full consciousness with or without the experience of an NDE.


Norma will expand on messages such as;

  • How to speed up our vibration and as our vibration speeds up our light expands.

  • What Practical Spirituality is and how to connect with our main guides while fine-tuning our inner guidance system.

  • How the Akashic Records, a recording of everything that has happened, is currently happening, and could potentially happen, and may affect our current lives. 


Rev. Dr. Norma Edwards is a Near Death Experiencer, who has lived a purpose-driven life of service. She is the Founder and Director of Reprogram Your Life and a Certified NLP Life Coach.  Dr. Edwards is also a recognized expert at merging spiritual principles into clinical practice.

She was the first person ever to be granted a contract from the federal government to merge spiritual principles into clinical practice in federal prisons working with drug addicts focusing on rehabilitation and community re-entry. Her integrative process - Reprogram Your Life - has transformed the lives of men and women in prisons and at CSOSA's Re-entry Center in Washington, DC. Norma also spent many years working with young women conducting rites of passage at James Madison University while increasing diversity on the campus She is also the author of the newly released book AWAKENING.

Dr. Edwards has presented at the National Institute of Health. (Under her maiden name of Jennings.) She has been featured on The Shift Network, Voice America - Spirituality 101. Provided workshops at IANDS national conferences, The Edgar Cayce Foundation, and Awaken - Center for Human Evolution and has left spiritual footprints in Jamaica, England, South America, and Japan.


More about Norma:

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February 7, 2023

 4 PM HST / 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST

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march 7, 2023 - Suzanne Giesemann



Suzanne Giesemann is a spiritual teacher, author, and Messenger of Hope who guides people to the certainty that love never dies and that we are part of a multidimensional universe. She is recognized on Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine’s 2022 list of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People.


Suzanne is a former U.S. Navy Commander, commanding officer, and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Her transition from senior military officer to her current work is featured in the award-winning documentary, Messages of Hope, based on her memoir by the same name. She has authored 13 books and written and narrated 6 Hemi-Sync recordings. She produces the Daily Way inspirational messages read by tens of thousands.

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IANDS is the International Association of Near-Death Studies. 


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IANDS Groups allow freedom of interpretation of NDEs and similar experiences and do not promote any dogma or proselytize any single point of view.


IANDS Affiliated Groups serve near-death experiencers by providing understanding and information. They provide support to NDErs, not therapy. 


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