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"Inside NDEs, OBEs, Parallel Lives,
and After Death Communication

Maren Muter

 multi nde'r -  metaphysician - author- teacher 

september 6th, 2022
3pm HST / 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT


maren muter 

 Multi nde'r - metaphysician - author - teacher

Have you ever wondered how NDE and OBE work? Or why it sometimes seems our lives are limited? Do you have questions about what happens after we die, is there a place we go to recover from this life? Are people punished in the next life and does karma carry over? Come explore these questions and more with Maren Muter, multiple NDEs, metaphysician, author, and teacher on Tuesday, September 6.


Oregon holds a special magic, and that essence was alive and well in the early 1970s when a young Maren Muter buried a secret, hundreds of secrets, surrounded by the protective roots of old-growth pines.


From an early age, it was clear that she was a unique creature, perhaps enlightened, perhaps a conduit with access to insights from the past as well as the future.


Her first encounter with death didn’t change the way she saw life, as somewhere, somehow, she resided in that realm every day. It was more of a confirmation than that of an awakening. What she did note at that time, at 3 years old, was how the information and experiences across the veil were translated for this Earthbound stage. The 2nd and 3rd brushes with death were similar to her childhood experience, spontaneous cardiac arrest. Maren naturally has very low blood pressure, and twice as an adult she felt the weight of gravity rest against the bones of her rib cage, the delicate release of her last exhale, and no beat from her heart. The experiences again gave confirmation that life is far more than the eyes can see.


Maren has spent the majority of her life studying consciousness, after-death communications, and how the study of quantum theoretics sheds a small light to these phenomena.


In 2016, a sort of wrinkle in time took place when Maren Muter, received an email with a listing of her childhood home.


“I got in the car and drove many hours to Lake Oswego, Oregon,” she said. “along the way I called the real estate agent to schedule a showing. It was during the phone calls with the realtor that I found out her grandfather had built the home 100 years earlier.”


Once at the attic door a realization hit her, “I bet there are still letters up there.” Letters she had written by moonlight or behind closed doors. Poetry, predictions, and theories which flowed from thought to paper and then were hidden from the world in glass jars, or in the case of the attic, stuffed between the brick of the chimney and the rafters.


Maren climbed the rickety ladder, a portal back in time.


The letters found in the attic were the most recent addition to a two-year hunt that spanned from Oregon to California. Where Muter, armed with a metal detector and spade, unearthed a cache of buried treasure. Maren chose to compile the writings and make them available in the form of a book. The Book of Buried Letters is a compilation of some of the letters Maren unearthed from the ground. Maren has also written Inside Past Life Connections and The Story of Cacao


 Join us on Tuesday, Sep 6, as we take a glimpse at the veil and beyond.


We will explore how the veil is created and where it is located. What happens to those that depart in unexpected ways such as in accidents and suicides. Why is there a life review when we depart and what is it? And do we have to come back and try again – are we playing out karma?

More: www.marenmuter.com

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September 6, 2022

3 PM HST / 6pm PdT / 9pm EdT

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october 4, 2022 - caroline chang

How To Live Oneness

Caroline Chang has been Producing and Hosting Awake 2 Oneness Radio for over 7 years. She launched her podcast 6 months after the transition of her only son Kyle. Caroline is also the Founder of The KYLE Foundation (Keep Your Light Expanding), and Co-Founder of Universal Oneness Alliance. Caroline is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Spiritual Mentor to many who have loved ones in Spirit.

Caroline has given many talks, presentations, and been a guest speaker at many in person and online Conferences, podcasts, and Spiritual Centers. Caroline has written a chapter in the award-winning book “We Touched Heaven”, a collection of experiences that reach beyond the veil. Caroline has been featured in the documentary film Rinaldi, a documentary about Instrumental Trans Communication to the Other Side. This film has been awarded "Best Afterlife Research Film" in the 2022 Life Beyond Life film festival in Torino, Italy.

Caroline’s work as a podcast host, inspirational speaker, author, and mentor to grieving parents, helps her to motivate and inspire others who are dealing with very difficult life situations. She is also in the process of writing her book; a touching true story of a mother’s triumph from the devastating transition of her only son; and sharing her journey to Awakening to the Truth of who we are as Sovereign Divine Beings of Light. Her book is filled with inspiration and encouragement of how she overcame life’s greatest challenges; as well as sharing spiritual lessons she has learned on her journey.


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