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Soul Lessons from the Light: Special Book Launch

dr. yvonne kason m.d.

March 14, 2023
3pm HST / 6pm PdT / 9pm EdT

Soul Lessons book launch image Yvonne book .jpg

dr. yvonne kason m.d.

president of spiritual awakenings international

Dr. Yvonne Kason MD is one of a rare breed – a person who has had 5 Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and multiple other Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs), a term she coined in 1994. A retired medical doctor, she is the President and Co-Founder of Spiritual Awakenings International, the Group Leader and Co-Founder of Toronto Awakenings Sharing Group, and the Past-President of IANDS.


Come join us for this special book launch celebration of Dr. Kason’s new bestselling book, “Soul Lessons from the Light: How Spiritually Transformative Experiences Changed My Life,” her first and only memoir book. She shares intimate details of all 5 of her Near-Death Experiences, and many other powerful Spiritually Transformative Experiences, such as her Kundalini Awakening, past-life memories, and mystical experiences that changed the course of her life - plus their after-effects and the lessons they taught her.


In Soul Lessons from the Light, Dr. Kason vividly describes:

  • her 2 childhood Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

  • her Kundalini Awakening in medical school

  • the medevac plane-crash NDE as a young doctor

  • her “Calling” mystical experience

  • the 4th NDE - with a blue being of light who said “It is not your time”

  • her 5th NDE with a head injury – fully dead then given the choice of whether to come back

  • Miraculous brain-healing STE in 2016


At this special book launch celebration, Dr. Kason will read a tantalizing excerpt from her new book, then open the floor to a long question and answer period, where you can ask her any question you wish about her NDEs/ STEs and any other Spiritually Transformative Experiences question.


This is your rare opportunity to ask Dr. Yvonne Kason any STE-related question you want. Don’t miss it!


Soul Lessons from the Light is available in softcover and eBook. Get your copy today!



Dr. Yvonne Kason MD, MEd, CCFP, FCFP, is the President and co-founder of Spiritual Awakenings International. She is a retired family physician and transpersonal MD-psychotherapist previously on faculty at the University of Toronto. She is an internationally renowned medical expert on Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), Kundalini Awakenings, and other Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs). Dr. Kason is the person who first coined the phrase “Spiritually Transformative Experiences” in 1994. She has had five Near-Death Experiences, two in her childhood and three in her adult life, as well as multiple STEs.


Dr. Kason has been a pioneer in the field of Spiritually Transformative Experiences for over 40 years. Propelled by her 1979 medevac plane crash NDE, she began to research spiritual experiences. In 1990, she became the first Canadian medical doctor to specialize her medical practice in the research and counseling of people with diverse types of STEs. In the 1990s, she co-founded the Kundalini Research Network (KRN), chaired the KRN Questionnaire Research Project, was the Canadian Coordinator of the Spiritual Emergence Network, and founded the Spiritual Emergence Research and Referral Clinic. In 2000, she founded the Spirituality in Health-Care Network, and in 2002 chaired the University of Toronto’s first conference on Spirituality and Health-Care. Dr. Kason is the Past-President of IANDS, (2019-2020). In 2019, Dr. Kason also co-founded the Toronto Awakenings Sharing Group, (TASG), and continues to serve as TASG Group Leader. She co-founded and became President of Spiritual Awakenings international in 2020. Dr. Yvonne Kason has been recognized for her groundbreaking and pioneering STE work, including the coining of the term “Spiritually Transformative Experience”, as an Honoree on the Spiritual Awakenings International Circle of Honor.


Dr. Yvonne Kason has six published books, her most recent, Soul Lessons From The Light; How Spiritually Transformative Experiences Changed My Life, (December, 2022), and Touched by the Light: Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences, (2019). Dr. Kason has been a keynote speaker at many conferences internationally, and has given hundreds of professional presentations and podcast interviews. Dr. Kason’s medevac plane-crash NDE has been re-enacted in 3 documentaries, and she has been an invited guest on many TV and radio talk shows, including The Dr Oz Show (2020 and 2021), and Coast to Coast (2020).


Yvonne Kason lives in Toronto, Canada, and enjoys “snowbirding” during the winter months, in Encinitas, CA.

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March 14, 2023

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April 4, 2023 - Dr. Pamela Gerali


A visionary and pioneer in spiritual growth and transformation, Dr. Pamela Gerali shares life-changing experiences and insights with clarity and humor.

She captivates readers and audiences with wisdom and practical guidance from the Blueprint for the Human Spirit®, her holistic model for conscious, compassionate living. She is an architect for the human spirit.

Pamela is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Public Health and a Doctorate in Holistic Health Sciences. She is uniquely qualified to present teachings from the Blueprint since it evolved in harmony with her transformation. She utilizes her creativity and amazing gifts to encourage others to live authentically and purposefully in alignment with their inner truth. Her transforming experiences and training background in nursing allow her to speak from the heart with authority.

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IANDS Groups offer education and discussion of near-death and related experiences to the general public in a supportive, accessible setting. 


IANDS Groups allow freedom of interpretation of NDEs and similar experiences and do not promote any dogma or proselytize any single point of view.


IANDS Affiliated Groups serve near-death experiencers by providing understanding and information. They provide support to NDErs, not therapy. 


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