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"A Calling Song to Come Home: Lessons Learned From My Death Experiences"

robin landsong

 medicine singer -  trauma resolution leader - visionary artist 

august 2nd, 2022
3pm HST / 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT


robin landsong 



In 1977 eight year old, Robin Aisha Landsong was drugged and abducted from the US, and taken to Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), Africa, at the height of the Rhodesian War. Abused by her captor, Robin, with ribs broken, was left behind to die in the bushes. She was picked up by a military truck full of soldiers who argued about killing her or helping her. The kind soldier won the argument and dropped her off near a rural village where she was taken in by a Zimbabwean tribe.


Over the next month, Robin was taught how to sing the Tribe's songs, and how to plant and harvest. She was given her own dress and a naming ceremony. After about a month Robin was confronted and shot by a soldier. The bullet grazed her head causing death by blood loss. Robin was called back to life by the Medicine Song of a Zimbabwean woman whom she recognized as her beloved African mother Mama Eaton. Two days later, the village was attacked, and, while escaping Robin had her second death experience where she was shown, "Out of Destruction Comes the Ingredients for New Creation." Robin returned to life able to hear and sing the Medicine Songs from the land as well as the song each person carries within.


"When I was eight years old laying face down in the dirt after being shot, never did I imagine I would ever again feel joy, and that I would become so devoted to letting people know that it is our resilience that matters most. It is not the details of our story, or how low we sank, it is what we do to climb out of the valley that makes us who we are. It is who we have become, not in spite of, but because of our difficulties. It is the storms, the losses, and the illness that breaks us open to know how to pray, ask for help, or be the reason someone believes in the goodness in people.“


Please join Hawaiian IANDS on August 2 for an invitation to come home to ourselves, as we welcome Robin Aisha Landsong who will share her two Death Experiences and the art that was given to her while on the other side of the veil. Robin will share lessons learned such as being broken open by trauma and completing the Hero's Journey, Criticism to Self Compassion, Social Equality as the Fabric of Human Happiness, and How We Can Gain Confidence so that We Can Move from Trauma to Leadership. She will also give Singing Medicine to the group and choose 3 individuals to personally sing to.


Robin Aisha Landsong is a Transformational Speaker, Visual Artist, Medicine Singer, Ceremony leader, and Medical/ Health Intuitive.


Robin is able to use her intuition to see each person's gifts and strengths. She loves to help people integrate their Near Death Experiences. She offers small group and individual healing sessions and has helped thousands of people regain their sense of belonging, creativity, intuition, embodiment, and self-compassion.


Robin is the author of the soon-to-be-published book, Loving Bravely, and is in production of a documentary about her experiences.

More: www.robinlandsong.com

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 August 2, 2022

3 PM HST / 6pm PdT / 9pm EdT

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